This page covers the rules of GASRforum. Use the Table of Contents or CTRL+F to navigate the page. Please note that the General Rules and Guidelines section covers the rules that apply to ALL parts of the website.

Table of Contents

General Rules and Guidelines

Art Shops Forum [ Custom Shops, Premade Shops, and Free Shops ]

Request Forum

Contest and Events Forum

Off Topic Forum


    • June 10, 2017 [ Chelly ]
      Updated AP Guidelines to prohibit the use of pasties as proper coverage. You should read Image Restrictions.
    • Sep 6, 2016 [ Diabolus ]
      Revised the adoptable/OC policy in premade shops. You should read Premade Shop Rules.
    • Feb 3, 2016 [ Persephone ]
      Updated to clearly prohibit Nazi and KKK references. You should read Image Restrictions.
    • Nov 4, 2015 [ Diabolus ]
      Included a specific list of NSFW content. You should read Image Restrictions.
    • May 7, 2015 [ Bedlam ]
      Mentioned how mass sale artwork should work. You should read Art Shop Rules.
    • May 1, 2015 [ Alexia ]
      Specified that racism includes racial slurs. You should read Forum Etiquette.

Forum Etiquette

  • We expect every GASR member to be civil to one another and treat everyone with respect We understand that not everyone is going to get along; we have a very diverse community thus personalities are bound to clash. However, it is expected at minimum you will communicate to other members and staff in an appropriate manner that is free of sarcasm and rudeness.
  • "Trolling" is NOT allowed Trolling, though a term often misused, describes a person who..
    Sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a forum, chat room, or blog), either accidentally or with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.
    Trolling, for us, refers to anyone who is simply posting to try and elicit a reaction from other users. This can also include someone who makes excessive spam threads. If you create an alternative account to "troll" - that account will not only be deleted but it will be your main account that will get the warning and potential ban. The severity of the warning will depend on the extent of the trolling.
  • Sending another user a death threat is NOT allowed Death threats are basically telling someone directly that they should die. Examples of death threats can include:
    • Threatening to kill someone
    • Telling someone to kill themselves
    • Telling someone they deserve to die
    If we get proof of you sending someone a death threat on our forums, serious action will be taken against you. This could potentially be a permanent ban from the forums.
  • Harassment is NOT allowed "Harassment" could include the following:
    • Posting inappropriate, rude, or threatening comments in someone's thread or via private message
    • Creating an alternative account in order to contact a person who has explicitly asked for you to leave them alone
    • Threatening to commit either physical or emotional abuse to another person
    • Emotionally abusing someone
    • Posting someone's name in a negative light
    • Criticizing someone's work when there is no ground for you to do so. It is fine to dislike another artist's work, but please don't post about it in their shop.
    The punishment of harassment varies from case to case, but will always result in at least a level 2 behavioral warning.

    July 31, 2017:Public blacklists now fall under "Posting someone's name in a negative light." For more information, view this announcement: Click
  • Harmful language is NOT allowed Harmful language includes:
    • Racist slurs
    • Malicious swearing
    Usage of such language will be dealt with appropriately depending on context.

Posting restrictions

  • Spamming is NOT allowed Spam constitutes as:
    • Posting stupid/irrelevant replies in topics other than the OT4OT multiple times
    • Replying to a topic 3 times in a row, i.e., there are no users posting between your posts (this excludes bumping)
    • Posting potentially harmful links to scam websites
    • Having an excessive amount of offtopic chatter in shops or other places where it is not appropriate
    We do not want to hinder you from making friends and being able to have a bit of offtopic banter, but having pages of single emoticon conversations is not okay.
  • You may only bump a thread every 10 hours This rule is in place to give everyone an opportunity to have their thread on the front page. If you post bumps more frequently than this, it is considered to be spam and will be dealt with in the same manner.
  • Autoplay music players are NOT allowed in shops Autoplaying players/videos are prohibited in threads. You may have a link to a Youtube video, but it must NOT automatically play. First time will result in a friendly reminder, second time will result in a warning.
  • After 1000 posts, a topic will automatically split This is due to forumotion and out of our control. Simply create a new thread when this happens if you wish to hold onto the first post.
  • Offsite advertisements are allowed You may advertise to offsite things (e.g., your auction, products), but make sure you advertise it in places where it would be considered appropriate. Such places include:
    • Your profile
    • Your signature
    It's not okay to make a separate thread here to advertise your services, whatever they may be. If you're interested in our ad space, check out this page for more information.
  • Content which is against forumotion's T.O.S may not be posted at all on the forums or sent via PM Such things include:
    • Racism
    • Sexism
    • Pornography
    • Animal abuse
    • Drug usage (excluding the use of cigarettes)
    Posting any of the following will get you permanently banned from our forums with no warning.

Image Restrictions

  • Images that are not safe for work (NSFW) are not permitted to be posted on the forums Our forums need to be suitable for all audiences, since we have users as young as 13 years of age registered to this site. Therefore, NSFW content may not be posted anywhere on the forum, including inside of spoilers. The following is defined as NSFW:
    • Nudity, pornography, bondage, and other sexually-themed content
    • Sexually explicit language, gestures, or expressions
    • Excessive gore or severe mutilation of the human body (a little bit of blood is allowed, but dismembered body parts is not allowed)
    However, artwork that features nudity is allowed to be sold on the forums, but the previews of the artwork must be appropriately censored when posting them on the forums. Users do not need to be 18+ years of age in order to sell or post appropriately-censored nude artwork on the forum, but they will accept responsibility should actions be taken against them in the event that their image(s) violate our guidelines. In order to define what is and is not nudity, please refer to our minimum coverage guide here:

    June 10, 2017: Pasties no longer count as proper coverage. For more information, view this announcement: Click Here
  • Images posted must be PSE friendly Users must not post anything that may trigger a Photo Sensitive Epilepsy (PSE) episode for those who suffer from such symptoms. Images that trigger PSE include but is not limited to flashing lights and especially so with contrasting visual patterns. Please visit for more information. If you suffer from PSE and find an image bothersome, please PM an Admin or a Moderator.
  • You CANNOT use a display picture/artwork that does NOT belong to you Unless you have WRITTEN PERMISSION from the artist, you may not use artwork that is created for someone else. However, you can use images such as anime screenshots or GIFs from Tumblr but you must provide credit to the creator. These images cannot be resold.
  • References associated to the Nazi Party and the KKK are prohibited. This includes:
    • Symbols
    • Easily identifiable clothing

Art theft

  • You may only sell work that does NOT violate what we have defined as art theft For our policy on art theft, please review the following page: What we Consider Art Theft and The Consequences for Stealing.
  • If you believe that someone is selling stolen work, do not hesitate to contact a moderator Unlike IMVU forums, we will actually take action and lock threads immediately when sufficient reason is presented for us to do so.
  • If you suspect someone of stealing, do not post the matter publicly We are a forum that believes in second chances. Sometimes people just make honest mistakes and they do not deserve to be attacked by every person in the forum. So please, let the staff handle the matter.
  • We cannot be held accountable for reimbursing credits or money that you spent on stolen art Although the GASR forum is able to punish those who have been proven to sell stolen art on our forums, we do not have the ability to force the individual to return the money that was wasted on stolen art.
  • We may lock shops on occasion to ask for proof before allowing you to continue selling things on the GASR forum This is just a measure we use for everyone's safety due to how often theft is committed on our forums. This is NOT something we ever want to do to someone. However, if there is reason to suspect the person of selling stolen art we will not hesitate to ask them for sufficient proof before they are allowed to continue selling art on the forums.
  • We cannot do anything about offsite theft If someone has stolen your picture or is selling stolen artwork on a website outside of GASR--such as Tumblr, IMVU, or DeviantART--unfortunately the staff here cannot help you with that. Instead, here are some suggestions for you to do:
    • Contact the original artist of the artwork and let them know
    • Try reporting the individual on that website. If artwork was stolen on IMVU, report their homepage.


Copying other artists artwork is a serious offense. However, below is a list of contents an artist cannot own. This list will be updated as we feel fit and is not strictly limited to the following items:
  • Themes (Vintage, Pastel, Emo, etc.) No artist can claim they own a theme. You cannot report a user due to them using the same theme you have.
  • Shop Titles Stealing somebody's coding for their shop (using the same logo/banner/header images) is theft, however, if your shop name is Sunshine and somebody else also names their shop Sunshine - this is not theft.
  • Order of posts (Introduction, Examples, Prices, etc.) You do not own the order of your posts. We will not issue a warning for a user 'copying' your shop with the same order of posts.
  • Colors (Red, Gold, Black, etc.) You cannot own a color. If another user uses the same color as you and the piece is similar (flowers that are identical with the same color) this could be grounds for theft. If a user makes a red rose that uses the same color you used in your rose, this is not theft.
  • A placement of an object (Eyes looking upward, lace on the bottom of an icon, etc.) You are not the first person to place text in the lower left hand corner of a display picture or have eyes facing upwards, and due to this we cannot call it theft.
  • Fonts (Jellyka, Times New Roman, Papyrus, etc.) Fonts belong to their respective owners and many users here use downloadable fonts that are free for public use. You cannot use another users' handwriting if they have not made it public. (Don't copy and paste letters to make a word).
  • Basic art concepts (Drop shadows, 1px black borders, etc.) These are basic art concepts all artists do and some are built into programs already.
  • Drawn body parts (Feet, Butts, Arms, etc.) You cannot claim ownership over a body part. All users are free to make pictures of shoes, butts, arms, legs, chests, etc.
  • Work created from a tutorial Although it's best to use tutorials to learn, some allow you to sell what you make with them... such as the popular rose tutorial on deviantART. We cannot issue warnings for users selling this, (as it is permitted) nor can we issue warnings for other users making the same rose. It is a public tutorial.
  • Pose (Standing straight up, sitting down, jumping, etc.) You cannot own the way the body moves.
  • Parts of an OC (Blue hair, pale skin, etc.) An OC is an original creation. Although you cannot make your OC identical to another OC you cannot claim they copied on simple things such as the same hair color, same skin color, same age, etc. If you create an OC using IMVU's catalog (this is not limited to only IMVU) you cannot report a user for using the same item as you.
  • Username copying (Infect vs Inject, Moon1 vs Moon etc.) We cannot issue a warning for a user having a similar name to you. We can only issue a warning if they are impersonating that user.
  • Parts of a screenshot (Using the same eyes, etc.) This ties into parts of an OC. You cannot report another screenshot maker for them using the same item as you.
Please note: if several of these elements are combined, it will no longer be seen as a coincidence and will be looked into. Should we find this crosses the line into copying, this may result in a forum warning.

What you cannot sell on our forums

The following are not allowed to be sold on the GASR forum:
  • File Sales File sales are "files" used in the creation of 3D or virtual products--such as skin textures, add-ons, etc.
  • Homepages and website themes You can sell artwork to be used for homepages such as...
    • Avatar art, portraits, headers, and backgrounds
    • Underlying images for layouts [ click for an example ]
    However the coding and formatting aspect of homepages are not to be sold here.
  • Second Life avatars, Meez, or other types of avatars besides IMVU Selling, editing, and using of avatars other than IMVU's is prohibited. This is an IMVU-related forum. Note: You can use those types of pictures as REFERENCES. Meaning, you can use the design of the character to make a picture independent of the Second Life screenshot, meez, Gaia avatar etc.
  • Character Designs based off a creation made from a "doll maker site" (such as Gaia, TekTek, Dreamselfy, or Mees) If you create a character using any type of doll maker, you CANNOT sell that design for profit. You do not have the rights of the design, as you are using a premade doll maker website; therefore you cannot sell any art made from the tekteks as an adoptable, they must be sold as a premade. The tekteks themselves, cannot be sold at all as premades, adoptables, or customs. Also, you cannot charge for anything related to the making of tekteks (videos, etc).

Alternative Accounts

Alternative accounts are no longer permitted on the GASR forum. Due to the fact GASRforum names no longer have to correspond to IMVU names, there is no reason for members to have additional accounts on the forum. This change occurred on June 1, 2015.
  • Alternative accounts created prior to June 1, 2015 If you have an old alternative account (created prior to June 1, 2015) please contact an administrator or technician [ staff list here ] to delete your account. You will not have disciplinary action taken against you unless you were using that alternative account for malicious purposes.
  • Alternative accounts created after June 1, 2015 If you create an alternative account after June 1, 2015, that account will be deleted (your oldest account is the one you will keep) and disciplinary action will be taken against you.
  • If you share a computer with someone and thus have the same IP address We determine alternative accounts by comparing IP addresses. Therefore, if two accounts linked under the same IP are two different people, please contact any staff member letting them know the account belongs to someone else. You will need to provide proof of being two separate people. It will require either a photo of you two holding signs with your avatar name or your avatars on the client. If you need assistance please contact a moderator and they will help you.
  • You are NOT allowed to create an alternative account, use an alternate account, or sign in a friend's account while you are banned from the forums. If you create other accounts while your main account is suspended (in other words, banned from the forum), not only will this result in the deletion of your newly created alternative account, but also your main and alt accounts will be permanently banned from posting on our forums. This is because you are essentially trying to undermine what you were punished for.

Deleting your account

If you wish to delete your account, please send a forum private message to one of our Administrators or Technicians. As admins, we are obligated to delete your account. However, according to this article by our host,
In the event of a complaint (For racist insults, slandering, remarks, homophobes or revisionists remarks, etc...) against the person who asks for the suppression of his account, it should be known that the administrator cannot erase the data relating to the identification of this person (In particular IP address who allows to identify a person formally): it is legally held to be able to communicate with them during a one year deadline minimum (This to allow for example justice to find this person and to possibly initiate a procedure against that particular person).
The staff agrees that this also encompasses cases of art theft. So essentially, if you have broken our major rules, then the administrators have the right to refuse your account delete request for one year.

How the warning bar and warning system works

Users have a "warning bar" under their avatar image.

- No warnings issued, "full health"
- First warning has been given
- Second warning has been given
- Third warning has been given
- Permanently banned from the forums

Only forum staff will know why someone has had a bar docked. This is because we believe in second chances and we don't want people who have made mistakes in the past to be accosted on the forums. It is up to the user if they wish to tell others why they have received a forum warning; this is not against our forum rules. However, the user may not post complaints about getting a warning or be dishonest to others about why they have received a warning. If you decide to publicize the warning for false reasons, we assume our right to clear up the situation to other users.

Any sort of rule breaking will get you a warning; however, we have different levels of warnings that may or may not result in having a bar docked.

For General Rule Breaking

  • Level 1 - Friendly Reminder Friendly reminders are for "lesser" cases of rule breaking. This might include signature size, autoplaying music, spam, etc. For Friendly Reminders you will not have a bar docked. However, we expect after you've had a friendly reminder you will not break that rule again.
  • Level 2 - Official Warning There are two reasons you might get an official warning:
    • You've broken a rule again, after having a friendly reminder sent.
      For lesser things like spam, signature size, etc., if you break that rule after we've already warned you it will result in an official warning being sent.
    • Breaking certain rules like harassment or fraud may result in an official warning right off the bat without getting a friendly reminder.
    If you receive an official warning, you WILL have one of your bars docked.
  • Level 3 - Second Official Warning Second Official Warnings come about if you have broken a specific rule again after already receiving an official warning. So in cases like these it will not result in a level three warning:
    Let's say Bob has received an official warning for his signature size. Then he also gets an official warning about autoplay music in his thread. Having autoplay music in his thread will not result in a level 3 "Second Official Warning", just another official warning.
    "Second Official Warning" results in another bar docked and is automatically accompanied with a 2 week suspension from the forum.
  • Level 3 - Third Strike When you are down to your last bar of health, even if the rule that made it so isn't a repeat offense it WILL be accompanied with a two week suspension.

    After receiving 3+ official warnings, you will be banned from our forums for 2 weeks.
  • Level 4 - Banned There are two ways you can be permanently banned from our forums.
    • Breaking certain rules once can get you banned from the forums
      Certain cases of harassment or giving death threats can get you banned from our forums on first offense.
    • Getting 4 Official Warnings
      On your 4th official warning, you will be banned from posting on our forums.

For Art Theft

  • Level 1 - Friendly Reminder Only the smallest cases of theft will result in getting a friendly reminder. Things such as forgetting to credit your base maker or dollmaker site.
  • Level 2 - Minor Warning These are for cases where the person was just simply not aware of the theft they were comitting, such as copying + pasting parts of a reference onto the picture. These are cases where the majority of the art is authentic, just one little part was unknowingly stolen. Cases like these do not happen often though. A minor warning for art theft will have a bar docked but will not result in a ban.
  • Level 3 - Official Warning These are for cases where the person knowingly committed art theft. Also, if someone has already received a "minor" warning, the next warning they get relating to art theft (whatever the reason may be) will be an official one. These will result in a 2 week suspension from the forums as well as a bar docked.
  • Level 4 - Banned On your second offense of art theft you will be banned from the GASR forums. We give you one chance to redeem yourself and you did not take it therefore unfortunately you will no longer be allowed to use our forums at all.
Warnings for Art Theft also count as towards "official warnings".

Getting your bars back

Our team of moderators keeps track of every warning and every friendly reminder with usernames, dates, and reasons. We will not be giving warning bars back like treats, or else that would make our warnings less effective and more people would feel that warnings are "nothing" if you can get your bar back easily.
  • Users must wait for a certain period to pass before regaining a bar
    • All Official Warnings take 3 months to be able to get your bars back
    • Cases of Harassment and Art Theft take a 6 months period in order to get your bar back
    It will be your responsibility to contact a staff member to get one of your bars back. You can contact any moderator for a bar reinstatement, as long as the bar was not lost due to art theft.
  • Regarding Art Theft This is a bit trickier. There have been many cases where thieves will stop stealing and start making their own art, but that is not always the case. We will go by a case-by-case basis for these types of things; however you will not earn your bar back before six months time since your last warning regarding art theft. When six months has passed, the user must message either an Administrator or Global Moderator and provide the following:
    • WIP's of the last five drawings they have done
    • Recording of at least one drawing from start to finish or one edit from start to finish (this will depend on what the artist was caught stealing)
    • An acknowledgement of what they have done wrong
    Again, with art theft, it will be a case-by-case basis. If you received a warning for art theft six months ago, and a behavioral warning three months ago, this does not mean you will get both bars back at once. You will have to wait six months to get your other bar back.
  • Please note Let's say you fail to use the premade market form. Your warning was in January, so you'll get your bar back in April. If you fail to use the premade market form again after you get your bar back, you will receive another warning and you cannot get that bar back again. We know some folks would try to use the "wait time" as such - a wait time until they can break the rules again. Repetitive behavior = less bars you can get back.

General art shop rules - for artists

  • You may only sell work that does NOT violate what we have defined as art theft For our policy on art theft, please read What we Consider Art Theft and The Consequences for Stealing [ link ]. This thread covers every last thing we consider art theft.
  • Payment methods allowed: Paypal, Google Wallet, IMVU credits, and certain game currencies. You may use these as payment options on the forum, however, make sure you read the TOS regarding game currency you are trading as not all companies allow this to happen off-site. DeviantArt points are no longer accepted as a form of payment as their TOS states the entire transaction has to take place on their website and not through a third-party, such as us. Please take note of payment methods accepted by the artist you are commissioning as not all artists accept all methods we allow.
  • If you are done with your shop, you have three options, which are listed below
    • Change the title of your shop to "Lock" or "Delete"
    • Post in the "Need a thread locked or deleted" thread found as an announcement posted here [ link ]
    • PM a Moderator with a link to your shop asking for it to be deleted
    Check out our contact page for a list of people to ask
    Note: Topics are automatically moved to the basket after a month of inactivity. Therefore, if you need to go on an extended hiatus, please let a moderator know so they can lock your thread. Locked threads are not deleted, even after one month of inactivity.
  • You may NOT sell artwork that does not belong to you, even if permission is given by the artist This includes:
    • Creating a shop to sell their artwork
    • Selling their artwork in the premade market
    • Selling their artwork via PM
    • Selling their artwork in a request thread
    • Or auctioning their artwork
    If the work is found to be stolen, warnings will be given to both parties. This is slightly different than having a shop assistant. Having a shop assistant is perfectly fine (a shop assistant would be someone who organizes and accepts your orders and takes care of your business). The person who is making the art must be the one to make the topic.
  • You are allowed to have as many shops open as you like We allow you this privilege because we expect you to not abuse it. You can make separate shops for different things you are selling or you can make one shop for everything you're selling. However, you are not allowed to post the same shop more than once, as this can be considered spam. If you're done with your old shop and want to make a new one, remember to get the old one taken care of so there will be no confusion for potential customers!
  • You may not create a thread in any of the art sections of the forum to advertise services sold offsite We do not allow this because we cannot monitor or control stuff sold offsite. It also makes no sense to use our forums to advertise it instead of simply selling it here. You may link to offsite shops in your signature instead.
  • The amount of credits for a picture does not automatically convert to money the same as purchasing them through IMVU When you buy credits from IMVU the price generally goes $1 for 1000 credits. However, if you choose to accept credits and want to convert it to money you will need to go through the verification process with IMVU and create stickers in order to receive payment. IMVU currently pays creators $0.4 for 1k.
  • You must give credit where credit is due when using resources (e.g., brush, stock image, pixel base) for your artwork If you use a resource that requires you to "credit" the creator of the resource, you must actually provide credit. "Crediting" means to provide the source or origin of the resource. If you do not provide the proper credit, it is considered theft and warnings will be given. In order to properly provide credit, the two following things must be written explicitly and visibly somewhere in your thread or in the same post as the artwork:
    • Name of what was used - You must specify what resources you used, whether it be a brush, a texture, a filter, a pixel base, a stock image, a drawing base, or anything else that could require crediting.
    • Who created it and a link to where it was taken from - You must include the name or username of the creator of the resource (if there is one provided) and include a link back to where the resource was originally posted.

General art shop rules - for buyers

  • Payment methods allowed: Paypal, Google Wallet, IMVU credits, and certain game currencies. You may use these as payment options on the forum, however, make sure you read the TOS regarding game currency you are trading as not all companies allow this to happen off-site. DeviantArt points are no longer accepted as a form of payment as their TOS states the entire transaction has to take place on their website and not through a third-party, such as us. Please take note of payment methods accepted by the artist you are commissioning as not all artists accept all methods we allow.
  • Asking for "First Free" is NOT permitted It is up to the artist alone if they are going to give the first order free or at a discounted price. Therefore, you should not go into a shop and ask them for the first order for free unless the artist has said it is. We have a whole part of the forum dedicated to free art! If you're looking for free stuff go to our free / practice forum [ link ].
  • Continually ordering artwork but never paying for it is against the rules. We consider anyone who does this as a "scam buyer". Always make sure you have sufficient funds before ordering. If something comes up and you will not be able to pay for the artwork, let the artist know as soon as possible. Similarly, if an artist finishes a commission for you and it’s not to your liking, it is up to you to discuss with the artist possible solutions to either fix it or allow them to sell it as a premade. We also consider getting a refund either with paypal or via IMVU ticket after receiving the artwork as scamming.
  • Abide by the artist's rules Generally, artists have their own shop rules and guidelines. It's courteous to read through them before ordering so you are aware of their limitations and other things that may affect you. For example, if they say they cannot draw animals, don't ask them to draw a cat and then be disappointed.
  • Be respectful of the time it takes to complete artwork There are few people who use GASR as their primary source of income. So, please remember that artists aren't machines that produce art for you with the press of a button; they have lives outside of making art on the forums. Art is also very time consuming. So please don't harass them to finish your order. If you need something done by a specific time, let the artist know ahead of time and maybe they'll be able to fulfill your needs. However, this is a matter between you and the artist.
  • Find out beforehand whether an artist sells customs as premades Artists are required to state in their rules whether or not they will sell custom orders as premades that have not been picked up/paid for. So to make sure a picture that was made for you doesn't get sold off as a premade, please read the artist's rules.
  • Always make sure to save your artwork, because the artist may delete it at a later date. It is important to save artwork on your computer/photobucket that was made for you! Some artists do not save all of the work they make. You cannot ask for a refund should you lose the picture or forget to save it.
  • If you're looking for something specific, try and be as clear with the artist as possible about what you want As an artist, it is incredibly frustrating to finish a picture and then have the person bring a whole list of things they want changed that they could have easily mentioned to the artist in the first place. For example...
    • Vague Order "I want a cat drawn"
      This is a vague order. With the amount of information I have given, there are so many possible things I could have made. If you aren't picky about what the artist makes you, this is alright. However, you shouldn't be angry if they choose to make a pink cat with giant teeth from that description.
    • Better, More Precise Order "I would like a cute looking orange tabby cat with big blue eyes. He should have a black bandana around his neck that says "Meow". Also, could you have him licking his paw?"
      This order is much more precise. I have told the artist the general appearance of the cat I want drawn as well as the pose. From this, I will probably get an order that's much closer to what I want~ If you are the kind of person that has a vision in your mind or is picky, always try and be precise!
  • Always ASSUME that art made for you is for personal use only Generally, art sold on the GASR is for personal use only! Meaning, you can't take artwork that has been made for you and make profit from it (selling it off as prints, making a product from it, etc.). If you want to use art for commercial purposes, make sure to ask the artist first before ordering.

Custom shop rules

  • You MUST state somewhere in your shop if you sell artwork that hasn’t been picked up/paid for as a premade. When you're making a picture for someone, respect the fact that you are making art with their screenshot / based on their OC. Therefore, you MUST make it known to potential customers if you sell off artwork as premades that isn't picked up for/paid for. You cannot just decide to sell something off as a premade without the person's consent.
  • Remember, to consider how much time you have available before offering artwork We know that of course, unexpected stuff happens and sometimes you have to close down your shop. However, don't constantly take advantage of people. Being courteous to your customers goes a long way! If you are currently busy it might be a good idea to update them. The same goes for if you have to close your shop altogether, let them know you won't be able to finish their order.
  • You are allowed to sell an occasional premade in your custom shop. We have this rule in place due to do the massive outcry when we separated premade shops from custom shops. Some people either don't want to make a premade shop or post in the premade market when they have a premade, and this is completely fine! If you only plan to sell a couple of premades, post them in the premade market rather than create a new thread for them. This will actually make it easier on yourself to sell them in the long run. We are only going to force you to make a separate shop if you're going way over this limit (like 10 premades a month or something).

Premade shop rules

  • If you make a premade PYP (pick your price) you cannot simply wait until someone offers an amount you like. These are considered to be more like auctions and we have a Auction Forum for that here [ link ]. This is why setting a minimum price is probably the best option so you don't get someone offering 1 credit.
  • You may not offer custom orders in your shop. This section is specifically reserved for premades only! If you would like to offer customs please post here [ link ].
  • If you only plan to sell a couple of premades, post them in the premade market rather than creating a new thread for them. This rule is in place to reduce spam. If you plan on creating more than a couple of premades, please make a new thread. If you're just trying to get rid of a couple of spare ones, please use the premade market! The current premade market is stickied in the premade section.
  • Adoptables and OC's (Original Characters) are allowed (but please read below) An adoptable or an OC is a character design/concept that is presented in the form of a drawing, instead of an IMVU screenshot, GAIA avatar, etc. If you wish to sell an adoptable or an OC on the forum, you MUST be the original designer or artist of the character. In other words, reselling artwork that contains an adoptable or an OC that you purchased from another artist is prohibited on the forum.

    Please note: If you are selling premade art, and the buyer decides to turn it into an OC on their own time, that is their decision unless you have stated otherwise.
  • When using the Premade Market, follow the premade market rules. The rules are posted in the Premade Market Thread. However, the rules are also listed below if you need to read them again.
    - Remember you can only re-post your premades once every 24 hours. That way this thread doesn't get to cluttered. If you have a new premade and you are not reposting any older ones, then you can post again even if it hasn't been 24 hours - Use the premade form (posted below) when posting premades in this thread.
    - If you create 1 - 2 premades a week and you know you will be creating more please consider making a permanent shop rather than posting in the premade market.
    - If you have a premade shop, we suggest that you post them in your shop rather than the premade market because it may confuse potential buyers by posting it more than one place.
    - Even if you are selling multiple premades at once your post may only contain a preview image of 500 x 500 pixels. Of course you can include a link to the larger separate images if you desire. You can post more than one image as long as all of the pictures combined take up no more space than 500 x 500 pixels. - Please review our Forum Guidelines whenever you are posting in our forums.
    - If you are interested in buying please PM the artist and do not post here. Additionally, please do not spam the thread with comments.

Free shop rules

There is a lot more freedom with what can and can't be offered in the Free Shops. The reason is because free shops = no profit gained from things that do not belong to you. These are the things that are ONLY ALLOWED to be made on the free forum...
  • Edits / Heavy References of Non Commercial Photos
    • Photos of celebrities
    • Non-stock photos
    • Movie screenshots
    • Anime screenshots
    • Manga scans
    • Comic books cans
    Please remember to credit your sources to the best of your ability! For example, if you edit a photo of Natalie Portman then state "photo edited of Natalie Portman". Remember that editing Artwork/Photos from deviantart requires the artist's permission as well!
  • OCs created using tektek and other doll maker sites Recently there has been a big trend of making OCs using tektek and various other doll maker sites. This is perfectly fine, as long as you are not making profit from the design (as it's not 100% your creation). More importantly, you MUST credit the website you've used to make them!
  • GIFS made from videos not created by you (music videos, animes, youtube videos etc) Although making things into GIFs does take a bit of effort, you cannot make profit from making them for other people as you do not own the video content.
  • REMEMBER: You cannot ask for tips in the free-shop section. If you want to gain profit from your art please open up a custom/premade shop. If someone tips you without you asking, you will not be punished but you cannot explicitly ask for tips.

Concerning OC references and fanart

Lately, people have not just been using the IMVU client to customize their OCs (Original Characters) but have been using other sources as well, like Gaia and photo references. This is a miniature guide on using references for your OCs and what isn't okay to use as references.
  • Using Non Stock Photos / Drawings as part of your References It is okay to use a non-stock photo as part of a reference for your OC.

    This is a nonstock photo from tumblr that I found randomly.
    I would like to use it as a reference for my character's armour.

    This is a painting by lulles .
    I would like to use it as a reference for my character's hairstyle.
    Even though, I do not own these images (I didn't take the photo + paint the drawing) I can use this image as a REFERENCE for how I would like the specific part of my OC to look like. Of course, using it as a reference does not give the artist permission to copy it exactly. You're only supposed to "reference" it to create your own original image.
  • Using Non Stock Photos as your ONLY Reference Although, it is okay to use a non-stock photo as part of your reference (clothing, haircolour, hair style, etc), you cannot ask someone to use a photo as their only source of reference.

    This photo belongs to Bastet-sama .
    I cannot give this to an artist to create a character based on this image. The design is the property of the person who took the photo.

    This is a drawing made by Zeronis .
    I cannot ask an artist to make a drawing of this character as I do not own it.
    The only exception is fanart.
  • Asking for Fanart This is where things get a bit confusing. You are allowed to ask for fanart from artists based on popular characters (Disney, Anime, Television, etc).

    This is a fanart made by GENZOMAN of Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric from Full Metal Alchemist.
    They used references from the Anime to create a new artwork.
    This is the only time it is appropriate to copy a character design fully. If you're unsure if you're allowed to ask for a fanart of a certain thing, do not hesitate to contact a moderator! The lines are pretty blurry. Also, make sure to consult an artist before asking for fanart, because artists have their own views on doing fanart for commissions! Some do not believe drawing a copyrighted character for profit is acceptable.

Request Rules

  • Making a "free" request (one with no compensation for those who enter) is prohibited. You must be offering something of value. This could include but is not limited to credits, money, or deviantart points. If you are looking for something made for free there is an entire forum devoted to this: Free Practice Shops [ link ]

    Please note that offering "advertising" is not something GASRforum considers to be suitable compensation in a request. "Advertising" means offering someone "credit" for their work (such as a link to their shop in your signature / on your products / etc). Feel free to offer as an additional bonus to entering a request, but it CANNOT be the only thing you are offering as compensation.
  • Art Trades are permitted in this part of the forum. Art trades are perfectly acceptable to be held in the request part of the forum as something of equal value is being traded amongst users. Please note, the GASR forum cannot be held responsible if someone does not complete their part of the art trade.
  • Sending payment to artists in advanced is done at your own risk. Sending payment in advanced should be agreed upon by both the artist and the requester and is to be done at your own risk. Should the artwork not be completed, the GASR forum will not reimburse lost credits/money.
  • You may NOT request people to heavy reference / trace an image that you do own copyright of. If you are knowingly paying for something to be reproduced and you do not own rights to that image, then it is considered art theft. Similarly, if you create something that would be considered art theft for a request you will receive an official warning. Just because someone requested that of you does not make it okay. Should this occur, warnings will be given to both the requester AND the artist.
  • Abide by the Requester's Rules. Generally, requests have their own set of rules. So be sure to read the request thoroughly before entering! For example--a lot of times requesters post what they like or dislike so try and keep that in mind while you are working on an image for them.
  • If you are making a request, you MUST make it known somewhere in the rules if people are NOT allowed to sell unwanted work as a premade. You must let them know ahead of time so they can consider the risks of making artwork and receiving no compensation for it. Otherwise, they are justified in selling as a premade if you have no intention of buying it.

    On the flip side, if the Requester has clearly stated you cannot sell work as premades if they don't like it, you must respect that. The only time someone may sell something off as a premade, regardless of what the requester says, is if it is based around a generic concept.
    For example: If you ask for a badge of a cookie and you choose not to buy it, then the person is free to sell it as a premade. You do NOT own the concept of a "cookie".
    If they are using your screenshots or basing art on your OC, then you "own" the concept and can prohibit them from selling it as a premade. Should this happen, please contact a moderator.
  • You may NOT use someone else's screenshot / OC / artwork as part of a reference for a request. Please ask permission to the original owner of the OC / screenshot / artwork before doing so.

Hosting a Contest or Event

  • There is a difference between a contest and a request. A Contest - requires you to give out a limited amount of prizes (usually prizes are given to the top entries). Therefore, not everyone entering the contest will be rewarded something.
    A Request - requires you to give out compensation to every image you like and plan to use. Therefore, most who enter will receive something in return.
    Please be aware of the difference and host your requests / contests in the proper part of the forum!
  • Events / contests based around Layout or IMVU Products (Textures & meshes) are not permitted. Just as you are not permitted to sell these things on the GASR forum, you are not allowed to host a contest relating to them either.
  • All Contests must state the following in the "opening" post(s) of the contest thread:
    • The rules
    • The prizes/compensation
    • Who the judges are
    • The deadline (the end date of the contest)
  • Changing the End Date of a Contest is prohibited. Changing the end date of a contest / event makes it unfair for those who are entering. If there is a serious reason why you must change the end date of a contest, please talk to an Event Moderator before doing so.
  • Events/contests may not be longer than one month from start to end unless approved by an event moderator. This is to ensure that all contests on this part of the forum remain "active".
  • "Advertising" is prohibited. "Advertising" in this case means creating a thread to promote a contest held offsite / on another forum. We do not allow this because the GASR forum cannot moderate what happens offsite.
  • Running a false event/contest or keeping credits supplied by a sponsor for your contest is STRICTLY PROHIBITED We consider this fraud and will result in a warning with a possible bar dock and ban. In the most severe cases, we may prohibit you from hosting events ever again on our forum.
  • Requesting personal information in order to enter a contest / win a prize is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Age
    • Real life photos
    • Credit card information
    • Birthdate
  • We reserve the right to lock your request at any time. Should any of the following occur we will not hesitate to lock your request:
    • An inactive request / host
    • A request suspected of being fraudulent
    • A request that does not follow our forum rules
    If your request was locked, feel free to contact a moderator and we will gladly tell you why.
  • Creating an "unfair" contest / event is prohibited. We consider the following to be an "unfair" request:
    • Accepting bribes in order to win the contest
    • Being biased towards friends or popular artists
    This will result in your request being held under review to see if any further action is needed, and can result in a warning level being docked, temporary ban, or permanent ban on your account.

Entering a Contest or Event

  • You can only participate in an event/contest during the time span provided. Submitting an entry late will not be counted.
  • Don't be a sore loser if you do not win. This is incredibly immature and depending on what you post / say it could result in a forum warning. However, if you believe that someone cheated please contact a moderator instead of posting in the thread about it!
  • All non-official GASR events/contests are to be entered 'at your own risk' As moderators, all we can do is dock warning bars and issue bans we cannot make up for lost prizes.
  • "Cheating" is prohibited. Please follow the rules of the contest! The following can be considered as cheating:
    • Bribing the host
    • Swaying the votes in your / someone else's favour

Off Topic Rules

  • Topics must have some sort of point/discussion going on Basically, topics must encourage participation and discussion from other users! For example these are some of the topics that are not allowed to be posted in the OT:
    • spam topics
      Spam = Short, Pointless, Annoying, Messages.
      Posting a topic with only "hi" or an emoticon would fall under this category. We have ONE topic for "spammy" messages - this is the OT4OT.
    • non-discussion topics
      This is a topic that created as sort of an "announcement" instead of actually encouraging discussion.
      "Happy Birthday Bob" - creating a topic for someone's birthday, although this is a kind gesture, you can wish them a happy birthday via PM. If everyone made a thread when someone had a birthday, our forum would have a lot of useless topics.
      "Look at how cute my pet mouse is" - Creating a thread just to show off something of yours also doesn't encourage conversation from others.
    • sexually-themed topics
      There are plenty of websites that allow you to talk about your sex life. Since this forum is GA we do not allow you to talk about that here.
    • advertisement topics
      You are not allowed to create a new topic in the OT to advertise something (this could be your products, services, etc).
    • "gossip" topics targeting one specific person or group
      You are not allowed to create a new topic simply to talk about another person in a negative light. It does not matter if they are a member of this forum or not. There are plenty of places where you can "rant" about people in your life.
  • Game Topics must be approved by an Administrator You must message an Administrator to get your game topic approved. Because we do not want a lot of repetitive and pointless games being created.
  • Game Topics should have the rules posted in the first post. That's a pretty straight forward rule.
  • Should you abuse the Off-Topic, you will be denied access to it. Of course, you can still use the other sections of the forum, you just will not be allowed in the OT anymore which would be a big shame.