Our forum moderators are users like you; They are volunteers who are giving their time, efforts, and experiences to help and guide the community while also enforcing our forum rules. Moderators are not tied to a schedule, so give them time to respond and be respectful even when they may be taking disciplinary action! If you disagree with a moderator's decision or feel that you have been treated unkindly, please contact an Administrator.

Every moderator has all access to all the sub forums here on GASR. However, the moderators are organized based on which the part of the forum they specialize in. Basically, the difference between moderator ranks is their focus.


Administrators are in charge of the forum overall. They handle the more important issues, make improvements/add new features based on feedback, and help guide the moderator team to ensure the forum is running smoothly in all aspects. Luxor Queen

Global Moderators

Global moderators help GASR as a whole. They identify problems, take feedback from members, propose solutions, and confirm if staff have all the necessary information and tools to do their jobs correctly. Cern Poisonous

Art Shop Moderators

Art shop moderators maintain art related sections and monitor all art shops and requests to ensure they're running smoothly. Alex CasMeylith

Auction Moderators

Auction moderators manage the auction sub forum. They make sure all auctions are up to standard and find ways to improve the system to make it easier for users to hold auctions. kyles

Art Theft Moderators

Art theft moderators resolve cases in which theft or suspicious artwork has been spotted on the forum. CainKia

Event Coordinators

Event coordinators organize the fun events and contests that are held on the forum and find new ways to improve community engagement. Fervent Mattie

Social Media specialists

Social media specialists inform and promote community engagement outside of the forum through various social media platforms. They are not moderators on the forum. Moose


Technicians update the look of the forum, resolve technical bugs, and implement new features. Queen